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Chichen Itza facts
August 31, 2016 – 07:53 am
The Observatory temple or El
A Majestic Maya Archaeological Site in Yucatan, Mexico
article courtesy of Hacienda Chichen Resort within the ancient Maya city of Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.

The Maya name: "Chichen Itza" means " at the edge of the Itza's well." This derives from chi', meaning "mouth" or "edge", and ch'e'en, meaning "well." Itzá is the name of an ethnic-lineage group that dominated the northern peninsula of Yucatan, Mexico prior to the Spanish Conquest. It is believed that "Itza" derives from the Maya itz, meaning "magic, " and (h)á, meaning "water;" Itzá means: "Water Magicians." Archaeologists today believe that this majestic Mayan city rose as a prominent power towards the end of the Mayan Early Classic Period (600 AD) and current scholastic data places Chichen Itza's fall around AD 1000. Ancient Maya created an intimate relationship between Yucatan endemic venomous snakes and their cultural traditions, including their majestic architectural designs and with their Cosmo-vision.

Chichen Itza Ancient Maya Urban Design:

The impressive urban design found in Chichen Itza is extraordinary well planned, ancient Maya builders created clusters of pyramids and Mayan Temples in sets of clusters. the vast Chichen Itza urban zone extends far away from the area visited today by tourists, Hacienda Chichen Resort is not only a Colonial landmark but part of this ancient city grounds.

The most visited cluster includes the New Seven Wonders majestic Maya pyramid of Kukulkan. The four most well known clusters of Mayan pyramids and temples within the ancient city of Chichen Itza are:

  • Yucatan Maya ruins: Experience the magic of Chichen Itza's Maya temples at night while staying at Hacienda ChichenThe Great North Platform, which includes Kukulkan Pyramid, Great Ball Court, Temple of the Jaguars, Tempe of the Warriors, Thousand Columns Market, Venus Platform, and to the north the Sacred Cenote of Chichen Itza.
  • The Ossario Group, which includes the Ossario pyramid, the Xtoloc temple, and the cenote of the Xtoloc.
  • The Central Group, includes the Maya Observatory or El Caracol, the group of Las Monjas and La Iglesia, plus the lovely Mayan temple of Akab Dzib.
  • Old Chichen or Chichen Viejo is located at the far south end of Chichen Itza visited zone. Old Chichen is not openned to the public.

Chichen Itza Facts: Temples within the visited Archaeological Zone:

CHICHEN ITZA ARCHITECTURAL URBAN DESIGN: Some Maya pyramids were built to reflect astronomical events. It’s no secret that the Maya were advanced astronomers—what’s lesser known is that many great Maya structures, such as El Castillo (Temple of Kukulcan) pyramid at Chichen Itza, reflect astronomical events as well as the importance ancient Maya gave culturally to a variety of Yucatan snakes in their region.

Chichen Itza Map and Maya Architecture - Maya temples in YucatanDuring equinoxes, an undulating shadow called the “serpent” slithers along the side of Kukulcan’s northern staircase. This is caused by the angle of the sun hitting the nine main terraces. Spring Equinox is the most notable Light and Shadow effect along the staircase of this magnificent Maya pyramid. Read More Facts, but first know these:

Most Popular Day to Visit: March Spring Equinox - Kukulcan Pyramid displays a beautiful light and shadow image of (the Great Snake) Kukulcan descending to Earth every Spring Equinox, March 21st. Come experience such magnificent event and stay at Hacienda Chichen Resort.

Now Open to the Public: "Kukulcan Night Show, " this night show is offered free to the public for now.

NOTE: Driving to Chichen Itza is safe and easy for anyone, a newly updated free road takes visitors from Piste to Valladolid passing Chichen Itza and the Hotel Zone of Chichen Itza, Please view our map to get directions

Hacienda Chichen Resort's staff and owners committed to Responsible Tourism Practices.
Read more about this Platinum Green-Leader Boutique Hotel and Spa here.

WHERE TO STAY: Hacienda Chichen Resort is the ideal hotel to stay during your visit to Chichen Itza, Yucatan, This hotel offers you a priivate entrance to the archaeological zone from its own gardens and many quality green services, mindful wellness activities and gourmet cuisine. Plus, this Fall, Naturalist Jim Conrad has returned to stay at his Maya Hut; he welcomes our guests to join him to his early morning free nature tours, contact us.
Come stay at least two nights to fully enjoy all what Chichen Itza and Hacienda Chichen have to offer you!

Chichen Itza pyramids are intimately related to Yucatan snakes, find more about them here.Book a few nights in this unique and savor all what it has to offer you

Rates , Mexico, is the most impressive and larger in ancient Mesoamerica, measuring 166 X 68 meters in length and two long 12 meter high walls holding the two stone carved ball rings representing the feather serpent. Read

* Kukulkan Pyramid also known as El Castillo dominates the Great North Platform Series; this Mayan temple is in harmony with the in its numeric set of steps, platforms, and geometric design. The Kukulkan Pyramid is a masterpiece of ancient , the pyramid has a ground plan of square terraces with central stairways decorated with two feather serpents tails up and their heads resting at the ground. Only two of the four sides of Mayan temple have been restored by . the north side of the pyramid is where the amazing "light and shadow" coming of Kukulkan (symbolized by the feather serpents) descends during an equinox sunrise and sunset each year. .

* Temple of the Warriors and the Group of the Thousand Columns The archeological expedition and restoration of these building was conducted by the Carnegie Institute from 1925-1928, with Earl H. Morris as one of the key members of the restoration. Chichen Itza's Temple of the Warriors features sculpted feather serpent columns, (Yucatan endemic venomous snakes) at its top platform framing an impressive sculpture of the Chac Mool used in ancient times as an altar for sacrifices; the temples has an inner chamber covered with painted stucco Mayan frescos (not opened to the public nowadays). The Group of the Thousand Columns connects with the Main Market complex, both part of the Great North Platfom series which has many other and platforms for visitors to enjoy during their visit to Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.

* The Ossario is a mid-size step-style pyramid within the Ossario Group complex of Mayan temples found just south of the Kukulkan pyramid series. In the late 1800s Edward H. Thompson excavated the Ossario pyramid and its cave in the late 1800s and found jade, pottery, human bones, and ancient Mayan artifacts.

* The Observatory temple or El Caracol, as it is called in Spanish, is located at Chichen Itza's Central Temples Group. A fascinating Mayan architectural design, shaped similar to a modern Observatory structure. The central cone building features doors and windows are aligned to various astronomical events and for the observation of the stars and planets movement; Mayan astronomers had a detailed understanding of Venus, the Sun, and the Moon as they traverses the heavens.

For detailed information about the Maya Calendar System, Cycles and Facts, please read the article The Maya Calendar System, a brief introduction and facts about the amazing multiple Maya Calendar systems based on the Sun, Moon, Venus, and our Planetary system in relationship with the Cosmos.

Chichen Itza, central top terrace detail of the Warriors Temple. Maya ruins: Learn about ancient Mayan Cosmovision and Civilization Monjas Temple found in Chichen Itza central group cluster. Yucatan Chichen Itza Facts: Hacienda Chichen Resort is your top green hotel and spa choice when visiting Chichen Itza, Yucatan.
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