Timeline of the Mayans

A Timeline of the Maya & Ancient Mexican History
October 27, 2015 – 10:56 am

The study of ancient Mexican history reveals a fascinating civilization that existed for centuries B.C. and during the first centuries A.D. The Mayan people built an empire that encompassed a large region in Central America. Individual kings ruled separate states, which made up the Mayan empire. The Mayan region included the Yucatan Peninsula and what is now Guatemala. It also included western portions of Honduras, El Salvador, Belize, and portions of what is now Tabasco and Chiapas. The physical arrangement of the Mayan empire was helpful for withstanding invasion by other groups.

Mesoamerica is another name for the southern part of North America; however, it is not synonymous with Central America. Instead of referring to a geographic region, Mesoamerica identifies an area that was shaped by both historical and cultural events and factors. Mesoamerica includes regions in Central America and Mexico that were inhabited by ancient indigenous tribes. Mesoamerica's history generally divides into periods, which denote the cultural development that occurred in various regions. The Classic Period spanned the years of 250 A.D. through 900 A.D. During this period, the Mayans reached their peak. Mayan cities flourished and prospered throughout Central America. Before this time, no other group of people had succeeded in attaining the artistic and intellectual levels reached by the Mayans. Some Mayan cities were known for their great architectural structures. Rulers of these cities focused on constructing pyramids. Some pyramids were decorated with Mayan inscriptions on the walls, which seem to have provided an overview of city history. The Mayans were also known for their study of calendars, astronomy, mathematics, and visual arts.

A great mystery involves the Mayan empire. During the time period from 600 to 950 A.D., the Mayans seem to have simply abandoned their cities. Historians have tried to guess the reasons for the abandonment. Some people theorize that these ancient people were forced to leave their cities due to climate change, drought, or deforestation. But other factors could have contributed to the fall of the Mayan empire, such as the arrival of Spanish explorers, who could have brought devastating diseases with them. As the Mayan civilization broke down, the Toltecs moved in and repopulated their cities.

1800 B.C.: The Mayans found their earliest settlements. During this time, the Olmec civilization develops, and the Mayans would...

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